Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcycle, recycle and add pieces of interest to your garden!

Looking to add some WOW to your garden?

Here are some ideas of how to upcycle, repurpse and reuse things you may already have sitting around to create some beautiful works of art for your garden.

All winter I have been searching the internet for great ideas to chase the winter blues away. Click on the link below the picture for more details and the original origin of the pictures.

Create a pebble mosaic

Re-purpose old furniture to make these dragon flies

Mason Jar Lanterns

So many possibilities for a garden stake with color

A color wall with recycled glass bottles

Photo by Trish Symons
This is a glass "river" that Trish has is one of her gardens so simple yet so eye catching.

Photo by Trish Symons
This is a picture of her scree bed - lots of interesting things to look at a pump, wagon wheel, stones, and she sometimes adds food dye to the water in the glass jugs for extra colour.

Re-purpose old lamps into a unique bird bath

Create a unique garden mosaic with glass, ceramic, marbles and cement

Create a rain chain to replace an ugly down spout

Heart made from Twigs

Bird feeder from a tea cup - gorgeous

Watering can fountain

Wrought Iron "window"

Add a fancy gate or trellis

Rustic country door as a gate to the garden

Paint pathway stones with glow in the dark paint.
Or if you don't want an entire walkway, paint random stones and place them throughout your beds.

Decorative Splash Block
Down spout update
You could easily make these with rhubarb leaves and cement.

And last but not least - for those of us who love to garden bare foot.
A foot washing station

Now all we need is for spring to officially arrive!


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