Thursday, May 24, 2012


Spring Plant Sale
Date: May 26th
Time: 9am
Location: The parking lot of Dufferin Mutual Insurance, 712 Main St. East

There will be a selection of hardy perennials that are acclimatized to the Shelburne area.
Typical plants that you might find are: Hostas, Heuchera, Iris, Phlox, Day Lilies and ground cover.

Do you have some gardening questions?  Not sure where to start?
Come out and meet some of our members and get your questions answered.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some neat Garden Tips

Thought I would share some neat ideas that I am thinking of implementing this year in my garden.

Rain Barrel Collection (using Garbage pails) - Click Here for the details

You could also add a solar timer with a shut off valve to allow for automatic watering with drip irrigation hoses.

If you do raised beds you can add in frame work for mini greenhouse that can be taken off once it is warm enough.

Here is the link of how to do it yourself - Click Here

Don't have a lot of growing room but want to try growing potatoes?  Try this solution.  Plant multiple levels of potatoes in a single box - Click here

Use wire cages for vertical Vine Growing, then use the shade they create to grow lettuce.
Click Here for more information

Add a wire cage or nylon cage to protect berries from the birds - Click Here

Do you have a bunch of tomato cages that you no longer use?  Put them to use as for your peas.
Cut them in half, straighten them out and weave them together until they are long enough for your rows.  On the outer edge curl the cut end back against itself so that you don't scrape yourself on them.  Here is a picture.

This DVD has all of the articles ever written by Mother Earth.  A great resource.

Online Gardening Resource

A great magazine

Don't want to grow your own?  Here are some great lists for local CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and local farmers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Join us on May 12th for our 50th Anniversary.

Click here for all the details

A little history of the past 50 years and then some.

The first Horticultural Society in Shelburne was formed in the 1880s. The President was Mr. F,G. Dunbar. They planted maple trees in the downtown, some of which are still standing.

The 2nd. Society was formed in April 1927  with Dr. J.H. Zinn as president, Mrs. R.W. Brett 1st. Vice and Dr. W.J. McLean 2nd. Vice. This society folded in the 1930s.  Peonies, a gift to Horticultural Societies from the Prince of Wales, were planted in the gardens of the first officers.

The current Shelburne & District Horticultural Society was organized on May 9th, 1962 with Mrs. Eric Gray as President. There were 43 members.  The Hydrangea was adopted as the official emblem on March 24th, 1986.
Membership then was 223.

Since 1963 the Society has been involved in planting flowers in several locations in the town.

For many years the Society has had a display at the Shelburne Fall Fair, as well as donating prizes for 2 classes.

The first Flower Show was held in 1966 with a total of $25 in prize money! Later a second show was added. Now there are three – in May, June and August with approx. $400 given in prizes.

From 1972 to 1979 a Junior Horticultural Society was active. The young members each had a small garden 10’ x 10’ in which they planted 4 rows of vegetables and 2 of flowers. Other activities included learning about flowers and entering in the Flower Show.

In 1973 Mrs. Martha Collins donated a plaque to be given annually to the member with the highest points in the Flower Shows. We are now on our 2nd. plaque.

In November 1983 Mr. Alex and Neil Noble presented the President, John Hoddinott, a trophy in memory of their mother, Mrs. Edna Noble, who was president in 1977 and 78. This trophy is passed to each succeeding president.

In 2006 the Society, in co-operation with the woodshop class at Centre Dufferin District High School, donated two A-Frame planters to Dufferin Oaks Home for Seniors.

The Society continues to have excellent speakers at our meetings, to holds Flower Shows, do Civic Plantings, take interesting trips and has an annual Photography contest.