Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some neat Garden Tips

Thought I would share some neat ideas that I am thinking of implementing this year in my garden.

Rain Barrel Collection (using Garbage pails) - Click Here for the details

You could also add a solar timer with a shut off valve to allow for automatic watering with drip irrigation hoses.

If you do raised beds you can add in frame work for mini greenhouse that can be taken off once it is warm enough.

Here is the link of how to do it yourself - Click Here

Don't have a lot of growing room but want to try growing potatoes?  Try this solution.  Plant multiple levels of potatoes in a single box - Click here

Use wire cages for vertical Vine Growing, then use the shade they create to grow lettuce.
Click Here for more information

Add a wire cage or nylon cage to protect berries from the birds - Click Here

Do you have a bunch of tomato cages that you no longer use?  Put them to use as for your peas.
Cut them in half, straighten them out and weave them together until they are long enough for your rows.  On the outer edge curl the cut end back against itself so that you don't scrape yourself on them.  Here is a picture.

This DVD has all of the articles ever written by Mother Earth.  A great resource.

Online Gardening Resource

A great magazine

Don't want to grow your own?  Here are some great lists for local CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and local farmers.


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