Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gardening Ideas

Where do you get your gardening ideas from?
How do you organize all of your ideas so that you can implement them "sometime" during the gardening season?
I like to look at books at the library, when I find things I like I take a picture of them.

I also love searching online for ideas.
I have recently become addicted to Pinterest.com This is an online bulletin board site that allows you to collect all of your ideas in one place and easily add comments. You can link to websites and upload your own pictures from your computer. You can create multiple boards and search other peoples boards. 

Here is a sample of mine...
Click Here to see them online
Click Here to see some other garden collections.

Here are some neat things I found through this site this week.

Some great ways of making better use of your sunny spots.Vertical Gardening

Image by Abby Henderson

Image by Kate Djupe

And a great re-purpose idea.  Fasten rain gutters to a Sunny Wall.  Wouldn't this look great along a Barn or shed.

Image Suzanne Forsling

Creative Ideas for adding interest to your garden

Add a little "fairy fun" to your garden


Moss words on a wall
Image by Becky Striepe

And some gardening Tips

How to Prune Basil to go from this

To this
Images by author of the blog below


10 Tips for Growing Tomatoes


Or maybe you are looking for some floral design ideas