Monday, May 23, 2011

Plant Sale - May 28th

Looking for some new plants for your garden?

Join us on May 28th from 9 -11 for some great deals.
Location: Dufferin Mutual Insurance 712 Main St. E. Shelburne
Price Range: $1 and up

Each year our members offer a selection of hardy perennials acclimatized to the Shelburne area from their gardens.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Gardener

Just a little note to apologize for being so late in posting the previous meetings. I am working on them now hope to have them completed this week.

As most of you know we have a new little girl in our household and it is surprising how someone so little can take up so much time!! I am loving every minute though. Everything around you becomes so amazing again when you see it through a child's eyes.

Thought i would share a picture of Mariah her first time out in the garden. She loves listening to the birds and the colour yellow right now. She was very patient as I worked at cleaning up my beds!!

Trish Symons - Serenity in the Garden

In April our guest speaker Trish Symons shared with us some great tips for serenity in the garden. As usual her humour, tips and beautiful pictures made for a great evening. If you missed the meeting here are some of the things that she shared.

Creating Serenity involves many things, here are a few to consider

- Have an area of just green, it brings a feeling of calmness
- A place to sit and rest that is in a part of the garden that has a lot of green and doesn't require a lot of work to keep tidy.

- An area of shade that you can sit in
- Comfortable seating that you can relax in
- Privacy
- Shelter from bugs
- The sound and sight of water calms and masks out other noises

Smiles and Passion
- Work with plants that you are passionate about
- Use colours that make you smile in every season
- Find a piece to add to your garden that is unique to your personality.
- Make sure you can see your garden from places that you spend a lot of time at like the kitchen window or your deck
- Look at the limb formations of trees and bushes to find ones that will look neat in the winter when there are no leaves on them. She suggests birch and conifers for the winter.
- Do you have a dream garden? Take some time to dream and write it down, then each year work towards completing your dream once piece at a time.

- Place your decks facing the sunrise/sunset
- Attract birds, critters and butterflies to an area where you can sit and watch them
- Put a big rock in the centre of a bird bath to attract smaller birds
- Plant your favourite plants where the sun will hit them at the time of day that you most often enjoy your garden
- Enjoy the scents of your garden, plants roses (check out David Austin Roses) and other scented flowers near windows, decks or places that you would sit in the garden. Which way does the wind blow predominately in your garden?

We all want our home to be a place that we can relax in. When you drive into your property do you smile and relax? Think about your gardens and property, what would you change so that you can smile and relax when you arrive home.

- Create a garden appropriate to your stage of life and lifestyle - how much time and money do you have to designate to gardening?

Here are some suggestions to make gardening easier
- Cover the hills with flowers beds so that you don't have to mow them
- Create a scree bed, once set up it needs very little care and very little water
- Mulch to save yourself some weeding (only use wood chips after they have sat for 2 years)
- Use Rain Barrels
- If you travel a lot consider planters with cactus and succulents in them
- Create paths by putting old carpet (don't use shag) upside down and cover with whatever you want to create the path with. This will prevent grass from coming through.
- Establish limits and boundaries for your garden
- Use only organic weed control so that you don't have to worry about children or pets getting sick from your garden

.......... and #1 learn how to relax!!

To learn more from Trish Symons follow her blog - Click here

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Upcoming Flower Show and Meeting

Join us for our first flower show of the season!! It is at 7pm on Tuesday May 17th at the Royal Canadian Legion, Warrior Hall. This past week has certainly helped the spring blooms along.

After the flower show our general meeting will start at 7:30pm, all are welcome.
Willa Wick is our guest speaker for the evening and will be talking about Sempervivums (Hens and chicks).

This meeting will be the last chance to place your orders for the Allium fundraiser.
Click here to see some pictures of the ones available.

Hope to see everyone there!!