Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plant Sale - Sat May 29, 9-11

Looking for some new plants for your garden?

Join us on May 29th from 9 -11 for some great deals.
Location: Dufferin Mutual Insurance 712 Main St. E. Shelburne
Price Range: $1 and up

Each year our members offer a selection of hardy perennials acclimatized to the Shelburne area from their gardens.

Here are a few of the plants that will be offered this year:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On May 23 visit Lilactree Farm

Brian Bixley is opening his garden again to the public this Sunday (May 23) from 10 - 4.

This is a great garden to see if you haven't visited it yet. He has a great idea for low maintenance grass - but you have to see it to appreciate it.

There is a gorgeous view of the escarpment down one of the paths in the garden. He has many different unique perennials. One that I have never seen before is a Fern Peony and the magnolias in the gardens are beautiful!

Here is a unique flower that will be in full bloom by Sunday - Arisaema sikokianum

Photo credit: Brian Bixley

Plan on making it a day - some great restaurants in the area are "The Globe Hotel" at Rosemont - 705-435-6981, "Mrs. Mitchell's" in Violet Hill - 519-925-3627, "On Your Forks" in Mansfield - 705-435-4242, "Jelly Craft Bakery" in Shelburne - 519-925-1824

He is located at 547231 8th side-road, East of the 1st line east in Mulmur. You can reach him at 519-925-5577 or lilactree@sympatico.ca

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GGG Greenhouses

A hidden jewel in Amaranth!

These greenhouses are hidden at the end of a long driveway off of 4th line of Amaranth between 10 and 15 sideroad.

If you haven't already visited this greenhouse it is well worth the drive! All of their plants are grown in their greenhouses and the quality is obvious.

The first thing I seen when I walked in were these unique lettuce baskets. What a great idea!! So far we have had had salad from this basket for 4 meals. The basket is light so it is easy to move in and out during our "interesting" weather these days.

Do you love tomatoes and get frustrated that you have to wait for so long before you can enjoy one fresh from the vine? They have tomato plants that are ready to bloom for $15, a great deal! We are looking forward to some raw salsa and cherry tomatoes from ours. Here is a picture of my vegetable plant purchase.

Do you like eggplants? Tony has figured out how to grow them in our area, ask him how. He has a large selection of well established vegetable plants such as watermelon, squash, lettuce, herbs, peppers etc...

Are you looking for a coleus? They have the best selection I have seen so far in our area this year. They also have some gorgeous ivy's if you are looking for some shade plants and many other perennials.

I was happy to see my favourite annuals already in bloom and had to purchase a couple of them. The ganzia only opens its blooms in the sun, they don't like cloudy days - just like me! They look so nice in a window box or container and bring lots of colour to your garden, there are many different colours to pick from.

GGG Greenhouses generously offers the Horitcultural members a 10% discount, just remember to bring your member card. Bring a friend and visit this great greenhouse for a great selection of vegetables, annuals, perennials and shrubs.

They are open from 9 - 7, you can reach them at (519)942-4005 or at ggggreenhouses@sympatico.ca

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring - Lilacs and Lily of the Valley

Spring brings the best smell in the whole world, lilacs and lily of the Valley.

As a child every year I looked forward to the lilacs coming into bloom at my Grandma's house. It was such a huge bush that we had a little "tree fort" hidden inside. In the summer the low hanging branches worked perfect to hang our dolly's clothes on when we had our pretend "wash" day.

I still love these scents. Give me a bunch of lilacs over roses any day. Sometimes my husband will surprise me with some from the various fields he works in. It guarantees a smile and a sigh of contentment. Then there is the great smell that fills your house for days afterward!! They also make a great air freshener for your car :)

Grandma also had a huge mini field of lily of the valley that we would wade through it picking new bunches every couple of days. The two scents in a bouquet have to be the best smell that I have ever come across in my opinion. I love driving to the old homesteads where there is no longer a house or buildings but evidence of the foundation is there and surrounded by lilac bushes. If the trees and bushes could talk imagine the stories that would be shared.

The Canadian Gardening Magazine May Issue has a great article of all the different lilac varieties that do well in the colder areas.

It also mentions that the Katie Osborne Lilac Gardens in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton holds over 800 different species and cultlivars!! Each year they hold a Lilac Festival late May early June. If you are going to be in the area I am sure it would be a great experience.

So if you haven't fallen in love with Lilacs and Lily of the Valley yet, look for them when they are in bloom (during May) and make a point of stopping and smelling them. If you can talk the owner of the bush into letting you have some they are great for bouquets as well.